Friday, February 6, 2009

The Gnu News Report

We know the economy is bad and could be getting worse. While our governmental representatives work on a plan to fix this, many people are heading to libraries to save money. They can check-out books or movies, use computers, and even get help on a resume all for free. Of the changes, some are interesting, such as the number of trips by patrons is going down, but the number of books checked out is rising. Some libraries are even reporting that patrons are waiting in line outside for the library to open. In contrast to this is news that some libraries are losing funding and cutting jobs.

Could Elaine have discovered the next big genre in spec fic? I'm not sure, but I think I'll be avoiding it either way.

While the Dabel Brothers are making news again for their graphic adaptation of the Wheel of Time series, they hit closer to home with me for their work on Warriors.

The "Ethics of Sully" could have caused a woman to return her library book after seven years.

Some kids in New Jersey are sending Sasha and Malia Obama some books for the White House library.

The Glendale Public Library will have a large book sale on February 21st.

And that leaves author Jim C. Hines talking about piracy and the free e-book of his pal C. C. Finlay's novel, The Patriot Witch (you can right-click and save as).

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