Friday, May 22, 2009

Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue (review)

Title: Quiet Bunny
Author: Lisa McCue
Illustrator: Lisa McCue
Pages: 30
Genre: Easy Reader
Dewey Decimal:
ISBN: 978-1-4027-5719-8
Cost: $14.95

Lisa McCue does a wonderful job of not only crafting a story for children, but hiding some work inside. No, this is not a Where's Waldo? book, this is a book to help kids with speech development. And it does it without them noticing.

The story follows a bunny who wants to be a part of the nighttime sounds, but finds that he can't make any. The birds tweet and the crickets ch-cheet. But bunny doesn't make a sound.

Not to worry, he finds a way to join in the night songs but you'll need to wait until the end to find out how.

*Mrs. McCue was kind enough to appear at the local bookshop Jabberwocky a few weeks back to sign books. Thanks to both for being so nice!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize those 2 white bunnies in the bottom photo.....

TK42ONE said...

Probably the only one that would. And I had no idea Elizabeth had that many stuffed bunnies either. Scary!

1979 semi-finalist said...

those white bunnies in the bottom photo are badass...where can I get me some? :)

TK42ONE said...

Not sure. They came from my grandmother (my mom's mom).

1979 semi-finalist said...

hmm. perhaps I could win them from you somehow...or distract you with pretty lights...and run out the door with them or something equally clever...

TK42ONE said...

Seeing as they would be considered family heirlooms, I don't think you'd make it far. But of course a city girl like yourself would have a hard time out here in the sticks without getting lost.