Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Richard of Jamestown by James Otis (review)

Title: Richard of Jamestown
Author: James Otis (pen name for James Otis Kaler)
Illustrator: Unknown
Pages: 188
Genre: Fiction
Cost: $0

This fictional tale of true events gives children a window into the past. The story follows Richard Mutton as he leaves his home in England for the new world. A new world where he grows up in a bizarre environment with natives, famine, and hardship.

While this is clearly a dated story and doesn't give the reader the full effect of how hard life truly was in Jamestown, it is watered down enough to keep children interested without giving them the heebee-jeebees. A decent read reinforced with simple art between. Good for kids interested in Jamestown, colonial life, or history.

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