Monday, September 7, 2009

Chronicles of the Planeswalkers Part Zero by B. T. Robertson (review)

Title: Chronicles of the Planeswalkers Part Zero
Author: B. T. Robertson
Illustrator: N/A
Pages: 216
Genre: Fiction
Dewey Decimal: F Rob
ISBN: 0-9754533-0-0
Cost: $14.95

Another depressingly sour review. Mostly because I was really hoping this would be a good read. Instead, I gave up after fifty or so pages.

Why did I give up? Mostly because the book had no hook. And while that could be a minor flaw in some novels, it proved to be the big stumbling block in this one. The story felt too much like a basic fantasy novel, which is fine, but it didn't keep my interest. I tried several times to pick it up again but it was hard.

Why did I buy it? Partly based on a positive review I saw awhile back. But mostly because of the author. A young guy about my age with a new family and from the same general area as my wife's childhood home. Close enough they may have crossed paths at some point. But all of that did little to help the story.

And I think he did his level best in writing the story, I just think another year or two on the side lines would have honed his craft enough to play with the big dogs. And that totally makes me sound like a spoiled reader, which I will totally admit to. When you read the likes of Stirling, Martin, and others, it's hard to read an author's debut novel, especially in the fantasy genre.

The bottom line for me wasn't so good. But I'm ready to admit you may enjoy it. If others did, you might too. So at least consider it. After all, he has to be a Steeler fan, right?

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