Friday, November 6, 2009

Jan Brett, Hedgehogs, and My Wife

For those that do not know, I am married to a wonderful woman. And just like me, she has a few quirks. Fortunately for both of us, her quirks and my quarks get along nicely.

One of my wife's quirks is her obsession with hedgehogs. It began years ago when we were still in college. My wife was studying to be a teacher and became entranced by the work of Jan Brett. And I will freely admit, I love her artwork just as much. So over time, my wife collected Jan Brett books. A hobby I had no issues with, especially considering I was collecting Star Wars books at the time.

The obsession with Jan Brett grew to a point where we actually purchased two hedgehogs. You see, Brett includes a hedgehog in her stories. As in every story. Sometimes the hedgehog is very prominent in the story, sometimes it is hidden in the artwork. Either way, my wife got sucked into hedgehog husbandry. We had George and Ginger. Ginger, the female, was the more portly of the two and the healthiest. George was more frail, but could squeeze into tighter spaces. Both were African pygmies, and both eventually passed after several years of fun.

But most of that fun was for my wife. You see, I am not much of a pet person. And after stepping on a quill while wearing just socks, you wonder what your wife has gotten you into. But I was still attached to them in my own remote way.

After they left us, my wife began collecting hedgehogs of a different sort. Stuffed. Ceramic. Stone. Art. You name it, my wife has it. So what follows is a partial photographic tour of our house. I say partial because I am quite sure I missed at least three or four hedgehogs. And why am I doing all of this? Because Jan Brett herself is coming to our area (Jabberywocky in Fredericksburg, VA) on November 10th to sign books. Can you guess who will be there?

Signed artwork.

Can you count them all?

More of the menagerie.

They're everywhere!

Watering pot.

Guarding the dog's bed.

Hiding under the TV.

More and more.

There's even a baby dressed as one.

On the fridge.

With the utensils.

On the window ledge.

Jan Brett collection.

Next to the TV.

Rubber stamping the jewelry.

Keeping guard outside.

Hiding in the weeds.


Rebecca said...

I have this thing for hedgehogs as well and just today I found in an old shop two of the, what you call "watering pot" hedgehogs. I have been trying to discover what in the world their use is. Do you know how that particular hedgehog object is used?

TK42ONE said...

@Rebecca - To use the watering pot, you soak it in water, then put your thumb over the top hole. Think of it like a straw in your water. You put your finger over the top and the water stays inside. remove your finger and the water comes out.