Thursday, February 25, 2010

LOST - Lighthouse (episode review)

Warning: these reviews will contain spoilers. You have been warned.


This particular review was written after I read several other people's take on this episode. I know that deviates away from my normal mode of reviews for LOST, but I felt I needed a breath of fresh air for a bit.

First, we have the theory I put out there about the Smoke Monster being both Jacob and his evil nemesis that looks like Locke. In other words, there's more than one. I've now seen others ponder the same thought, so I feel slightly less insane for thinking it.

Next, we have a Jack-centric episode. Probably one of my least favorites that ranks up there with Kate-centric episodes. And while seeing Jack have a life off island is nice, it just doesn't seem to fit what we've seen from him so far. And the musical genius son? Just another red herring in my mind.

The biggest WTF! moment came when we saw the lighthouse. I mean, seriously? Another set? Why can't we shoot this scene in the Hydra Station of even the Swan? Oh well, at least we see more names of candidates. Until Jack goes nutters on the mirrors.

And Jin, well, I guess he should have listened to that guy and ran away while he could.

Hurley. I love Hurley. Whatever happens to everyone else, I hope Hurley wins. He's just so damn funny.

Now for some questions I came up with while watching:

- Is Jack's failure to remember his appendectomy a "crack" in the sideways shift of time? Could it all unravel?
- Where the hell has Claire been the last three years?
- What does it mean to be a candidate?
- Does having a child on the island make you go crazy? (think about Rousseau and Claire - both gave birth on-island and both went nutters)
- Who are Adam and Eve? (you know, those two skeletons in the caves...maybe Sawyer and Kate..or Jack and Kate.. or somebody else)

Now for some predictions for upcoming episodes:

- Kate is going to join Claire, Fake-Locke, and Jin on the way to the temple. Kate is going to tell Claire about Aaron and Kate will die. Then Jin will die. Then some people at the temple will die.
- Somewhere in this whole process, Sawyer is going to be "turned" by Fake-Locke and become the Darth Vader of the show (because Fake-Locke/Smoke Monster is the Emperor and Juliet is Padme). Sawyer will then kill Claire at the request of Fake-Locke (didn't Anakin do that to Count Dooku?). Or maybe Sun will kill Claire for killing Jin. Maybe Sun is like one of those bounty hunters.
- Jack will become the Obi-Wan of the show and die at the hands of Sawyer.
- Hurley will eventually turn Sawyer back to the good side and kill Fake-Locke while Jacob watches because Jacob is like Yoda. During the process, Sawyer is mortally wounded and dies.
- Hurley survives. Sun survives but is wracked with guilt and sadness and commits suicide. Rose and Bernard adopt Vincent and live happily ever after.


kisatrtle said...

your star wars like predictions made me laugh. You forgot about Ben...what happens to him. He's Luke Skywalker and has always been good...just misunderstood.

TK42ONE said...

Yeah, there's a lot of people I skipped over (like Lapidis, Sayid, and others). As for Ben, yeah, I could see him as Luke. Just not sure if he's always being "good." Guess we'll see!

sparkly said...

Numbers? I don't remember anything about any numbers in "The Substitute?" I am watching LOST on [no TV here], so it's possible it didn't get shown, or I was just completely out of it if it was. *roll eyes*

Care to clue me in?

And what about Charley? Faraday? Charlotte?

Personally, I think all the island
'selves,' have to die in order for their 'back home' selves to survive. How you do indicates and up or down elevator (if you believe that sort of thing).

Also, I believe the smoke monster is Essau, Jacob's brother from the Bible or based on them.



TK42ONE said...

Jules - Not sure if there was a mention of the numbers in The Substitute so I'm not sure what I was talking about....

And isn't Hulu great? It's like a second DVR for me.

Many people have labeled the man in black as Essau, but I know very little about the Bible so he's just the guy that's out to kill Jacob (aka Smoke Monster Locke, aka Fake Locke, etc.).