Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOST - What Kate Does (episode review)

Now, two warnings before we move on. First, I am going to write my LOST episode reviews before I read any other comments. I hope this will keep my opinions clear from any cross-contamination. If I do happen to read or hear something that influences my review, I will say so. Second, these reviews will contain spoilers. You have been warned.


Where to begin on this one. Probably with disappointment. Even though I knew it was coming, even though I knew it would not be a strong episode, I was still disappointed in the lack of plot movement. The big reveals for me were Sawyer's plans to marry Juliet (which was nearly as sad as Charlie's death) and Claire's return (both on and off the island).

Kate has become some sort of rubber ball/fickle bitch. She keeps bouncing back and forth between Jack and Sawyer. Just stick to a man and be done with it.

Jin, I love Jin. Sure, I hated (and still do) his older persona, but I love that he's still looking for Sun and has developed into a much more intelligent character.

Jack is, well, still himself. Rash, unthinking, and almost as wishy-washy as Kate. Not really digging him right now.

Locke, although he was missing form this episode, is starting to grow on me. Mostly the off-island version with his words of wisdom, but also his Smoke Monster version that kicks ass and takes names.

Claire. Wow. She's back. Off-island she looks as sweet as ever. Even when Ethan Goodspeed is there to save her baby Aaron. On-island, she looks as crazy as Rousseau. And is apparently "infected" with whatever the illness is. Not sure what all that means, but I'm sure we'll find out. Which further proves a new theory I have. But more on that later.

In the end, I want to be surprised by all the changes (new characters, new locations, old characters coming back, etc.) but I'm a LOST fanatic now and honestly, not much really surprises me with the show anymore. Sure, there's still some shocks when I see people (like Ethan or Claire) but I expect that. I expect to walk away from the show scratching my head wondering if this whole thing has been a dream. So while this episode was disappointing at times, I know it's only going to set up an awesome episode next week.


jehara said...

I think Kate is my least favorite character. She really gets on my nerves. She has always been fickle about Jack and Sawyer. She chooses Sawyer. Jack and Juliet look like they might want to hook up. No wait, it's Jack for me. No wait! I want both! She shouldn't look so pissed that while she was off island getting cozy with Jack, Sawyer was finding some happiness of his own. And for the record, I like Sawyer and Juliet together much more than a Sawyer/Kate pairing.
I agree with you about Jin too. His evolution has been pretty cool to watch.

TK42ONE said...

After re-watching this episode last night with the "enhanced" commentary, my dislike for Kate grew. And my love for Sawyer grew too. I think he's completely broken now that Juliet is dead, but I loved them as a couple and he's so much better than Jack.