Thursday, March 26, 2009

E-book Updates

Author Karen Miller reports that her Stargate novels are now appearing in Kindle format on Amazon.

Fictionwise (recently purchased by Barnes & Noble) creators Scott and Stephen Pendergrast discuss many things; such as the e-book market, how they started their company, and where the future lies for digital publishing. Fictionwise has also released a free Blackberry eReader application, making several thousand e-books available on your phone.

Last week several disability groups rallied against Amazon's removal of the text-to-speech feature in the Kindle 2, and the debate rages on with GalleyCat readers. Personally, I've had about enough of the argument. I can understand where both groups are coming from, but until I have a Kindle, I don't think I'll care overly much.

The University of Michigan sees the writing on the LCD and will be releasing their monographs in a digital format. Even other colleges and universities, such as Duke, are getting in on the digital wagon. Has nobody ever wondered how long University of Phoenix has been offering online courses? Anyone ever thought to follow their model? (via GalleyCat)

Harper Collins is also working on a more digital presentation as they push their catalog to a digital format. Anybody remember the old Google Catalogs before they pulled the plug on it? Maybe we should go back to that. (via Publisher's Weekly)

Yen posted some thoughts on e-books, e-readers, and everything in between that got me to thinking, is now really the time to buy an e-reader? Would it not be better to wait to see who becomes king? Maybe by then the DRM issues will be worked out too.

Free e-stories, this time from Baen. They've had an impressive collection for awhile now, but it keeps growing (this addition includes some S. M. Stirling work as well). (via Grasping for the Wind)

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