Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Slab City Library

Slab City is located in the desert of south-eastern California. Originating as a military installation it is now the home to permanent and transient RVers (they're also known as slabbers, snow birds, and vagabonds). While the location and amenities are sparse, there's a certain aura or air to the place that breeds friendship and camaraderie. And the proof is in the library.

The library was started by Peggy Sadlik and it works on the honor system. If you take a book, you leave a book. No money or membership needed. I first learned about the library through a couple that travels the country in their RV (also known as campers, mobile homes, or motor homes).

Peggy died several years ago, but her legacy lives on in the library and the spirit of the campground. Here are a few links to some photos and more info on Slab City and the Lizard Tree Library.

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