Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend News

It's like a soap opera. Publishers sue Anderson. Anderson sues publishers. Will the cage match be on Pay-Per View?

I've been a fan of Jack DuBrul since 2000 or so. And since then I've seen his work decline in quality when he partners with Clive Cussler. I've sure all the Cussler fans out there would like me to meet Juan Cabrillo (not to be confused with the real Juan Cabrillo) in a dark alley because of that statement, but it looks like Cussler is the one with troubles of his own. Maybe he could pay with a leg?

The Books-A-Million CEO has stepped down. Total bummer.

Author Jim C. Hines gives some great insight into what is included in an authors contract.

Author Chris Dolley offers his book Resonance for free. And author Paul Jessup gives us a list of free e-books he enjoys (and links to them).

Could Google and Sony's partnership become the Kindle Killer? I doubt it. But it is possible with Google. Sony's become a bit of a sleeper with their e-book reader. Google always makes a splash. Combine them together and you get? Some minor waves? We'll see.

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