Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekend News

While very technical in reading, the concept is, well, about time. An RFID reader at the library. I'm not sure how many libraries are already using them, but it would make serious sense to start investing in it (as the cartoon above makes that very clear).

Reviewers are starting to prefer e-galleys (or #digiarcs if you prefer). And they are using their muscle to show it. Personally, I'm happy with any galley ("e" or print) I get my grubby hands on. And it's not just reviewers either. Author Tobias Buckell weighs in on e-galleys (or digi-arcs) and how much easier they are for him (to promote his own work and to read/review others).

And what's this? Scribd, the free file-sharing site, has illegal copies of popular books? Why am I not surprised. Makes me wonder if signing up for the site is really worth it.

And speaking of e-books, Yen raises many common questions (and concerns) in one place. She sums up nicely how I feel, even though my priorities are a bit different.

Random House has a free PDF version of their Dramatis Personae for the new Star Wars series, Fate of the Jedi. The PDF also contains Chapter 5 of Aaron Allston's Outcast, the first book in the series. Better yet, it's legal.

Publishers Weekly talks Twitter and the new wave media form of mixed media books. I think this is a mix of the actual storyline and viral marketing (like Orbit Books' two YouTube videos, Towards Lights and Rooftop). We've seen television shows do "webisodes" online and include extra content in expanded or enhanced episodes (like ABC's LOST). So why not do it with books?

The local library is still looking for a Director.

Tantor Media gets a nice write-up on Library Journal. I've long been a fan of audio books and have been a member of Audible for over a year now. Tantor does wonderful work and has great talent (like Todd McLaren, Kate Reading, and others).

Costco is giving away 50 copies of Long Lost by Harlen Coben. Each copy will come with a signed bookplate but it is limited to Costco members only. Also in the April 2009 issue of the Costco Connection is an article by Paul Lima, Writing a Book? The article gives some tips on getting published, but appears to mostly focus on using print on demand (POD).

Don't forget, Library Week (April 12-18) is coming up!

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