Friday, April 17, 2009

Why so few posts lately?

Well, things are a bit busy in the LibraryDad household. Tax season has ended, I start school soon, and there's a vacation around the corner. And I've drastically scaled back on the news reports to try to focus more on reviews and interviews. But I'll still do the news (catch the rhyme?).

So, stick around, I have some giveaways coming up soon as well as interviews and reviews. Just need to work out all the final details before I give you the details.


ediFanoB said...

I'm glad to use google reader. So I don't miss blog entries.
And to be honest if every blogger whom I follow would write two posts per day I would be impossible for me to follow and to add comments :>)

TK42ONE said...

I live in Google Reader too. Two posts per day is excessive in my mind. One is enough to read (let alone write) so I'm thinking about taking things to a 3 to 4 post per week format. We'll see how the next few weeks shape up first.