Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Persons Unknown - The Edge (review)

Episode Title: Pilot
Cost: Free via Hulu

I'm not sure how much longer this how will last, both on the network and in my Hulu queue. I think the basic concept is an interesting idea, but they left things open and unexplained. They didn't plant the hook well enough early on to keep you coming back for more. It feels very rushed in how it puts characters in scenarios without much explanation.

So part of the issue is the little things. Like cell phones and computers. Where are they? Are you telling me that everyone that got snatched didn't have one? Why not have it mentioned that they were all taken. Think about how you would react in this scenario. I'd call the cops or get help. And when I discovered I couldn't get out of town and I couldn't get out, take an inventory of the town. And don't give it 2 minutes, give it a couple of episodes. Have them find something interesting.

Another part of the issue is the big stuff. Like the guy that escaped and came back. Are you telling me that the guys that wanted to kill him are just going to let him stand there and talk smack? Seriously?

So aside from the frustrations, both big and small, I'm still giving this story a chance. There are stories I want to hear about and I'm willing to give it some time to come to the surface. But not too much time. And while Hulu is convenient and free, it doesn't mean I should watch junk when there are better shows out there.

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