Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss

Title: The Clone Wars
Author: Karen Traviss
Illustrator: N/A
Discs: 7
Genre: Young People - Audio
Dewey Decimal: YP CD F Tra Clo
ISBN: 978-0-7393-7681-2
Cost: $0

Traviss (that's with two "s" on the end) has written some great Star Wars novels in the past so I fully expect this one to be just as good. She's delved into the Legacy of the Force series as well as her own Republic Commando series, both times with good attention to military detail. So while I haven't listened to (or read) this particular book, I'm sure it will be at least a decent listen (or read). And the artwork on the CDs is great too, if that helps you.

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