Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Combat and Survival - Volume 2

Title: Combat and Survival (Volume 2)
Author: H. S. Stuttman, Inc. Publishers
Illustrator: N/A
Pages: 60
Genre: Non-Fiction
Dewey Decimal: 355.5 Com
ISBN: 0-87475-560-3
Cost: $0

Highlights from this volume include blowing up bridges and more self-defense. To this day I still remember how to blow-up a bridge, just from this one little picture. Not that I plan on blowing any up or anything. We also start to see more about survival. But more on that later.


Anonymous said...

This book is great. It taught me how to blow up bridges and scrotum all the same. Five stars!

TK42ONE said...

And some of those illustrations take me back to the 80s when I was screaming "Yo Joe" at the TV.