Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rapunzel's Revenge

Title: Rapunzel's Revenge
Author: Shannon Hale, Dean Hale
Illustrator: Nathan Hale (no relation)
Pages: 144
Genre: Young People
Dewey Decimal: YP GN Hal
ISBN: 1-59990-070-X
Cost: $0

The first time I checked this book out, it was on the New Releases shelf. When I went back to find it, I had some difficulty as it had been moved to the Graphic Novel section of the Young People shelves. And those shelves where kind of awkward for me as they were in an area I wasn't used to seeing shelves. Then again, my memories of the library are about 15 years old.

I liked the basic concept behind this story as it showcases Rapunzel and Jack (from the beanstalk), two popular fairy tale stars. But most entertaining was the twist put on the two stories as they both gallivant around and do good.

We also have a great example of wonderful inking and coloring. While I'm not exactly a graphic novel expert or even a fan for that matter, I think this fits the bill as the ideal graphic novel for me. A little cartoony, but not anime.

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