Saturday, January 31, 2009

International Children's Digital Library

There was no Storytime this week due to inclement weather. Stay tuned next week for Library Gary's next Storytime report.

As with any normal American household, we get plenty of junk mail. Recently, we've been getting plenty of free magazines and even free subscriptions. So it was with great pleasure that the most recent issue of Family Fun (February 2009) has a brief article on the International Children's Digital Library.

This free site was quite amazing to me. While there may be a lack of mainstream books from the shelves of the bookstore, there are still plenty of books available to read. I think what I find most interesting is the fact that the books come from many, many countries. And the languages are just as diverse.

While the overall collection may not be that large, there's plenty to keep you busy for a bit. Even if you look at just the artwork.

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