Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gary at the Library

This week Library Dad met Library Daughter and Library Gary at the library for Storytime. The author that was due to appear rescheduled for sometime in February, so the theme was Bears.

If you've never been to Storytime, don't fret. Here's a blow-by-blow of what happened.

Pre-Game Warm-Up
Before Storytime, there's coloring. I'm not sure who enjoys it more, but Library Gary does have a knack for it. Library Daughter does a great job now of staying in the lines but still has some of the oddest color choices.

Get the wiggles out
Now, not The Wiggles that you see on TV kids, these are the wiggles in your pants. Those things that make you squirm around instead of siting still and paying attention. Once the wiggles were out, Miss Robin read Old Bear by Kevin Henkes.

Flannel Board
Next was a short story (more like a poem actually) that was told with little flannel bears on the flannel board. Next was a reading of Don’t Wake Up the Bear by Marjorie Dennis Murray. This one was my favorite.

Sing Song Sing
There was a little tune we sang about bears. The kids really enjoyed that one. Afterwards was the final story, Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson.

Storytime finished with a craft that was, obviously, bear-related. There were pre-cut bears for the kids to color and glue clothes onto.

Round Up
All up there were about twenty to twenty-five people (parents and children combined). There were also some grand-parents in attendance. In fact I ran into the mother of a childhood neighbor (and fellow high school alum). It was nice to catch-up on things for a few minutes.

Checking Out
I did not get a list of the books checked out yet, but I think there was only one for Library Son and another Buster DVD for Library Daughter. It makes me feel good that she thinks about getting a book for him. Library Dad did check-out a few more titles, keep an eye peeled for their reviews. Assuming I can get to them of course.

Next week's theme is the Moon. And make sure you wear your outside/play clothes. I hear there will be painting!

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