Monday, January 26, 2009

Combat and Survival - Volume 4

Title: Combat and Survival (Volume 4)
Author: H. S. Stuttman, Inc. Publishers
Illustrator: N/A
Pages: 59
Genre: Non-Fiction
Dewey Decimal: 355.5 Com
ISBN: 0-87475-560-3
Cost: $0

We learn more and more everyday, and this series is proof of that. Did you know that the Mil Mi-24 Hind-D helicopter is 21.5 meters long? Neither did I, but now we both do. We also learn about the British military's SA-80, likely my third favorite assault rifle (after the P90 of Stargate fame and the Steyr Aug of Die Hard fame). Can't say as I've seen an SA-80 in a film though. And we learn more about survival in the wilds. Reminds me of a primitive Les Stroud.

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