Monday, January 5, 2009

A Farm

Title: A Farm
Author: Phillipe Dumas
Illustrator: Phillipe Dumas
Pages: 43
Genre: Juvenile
Dewey Decimal: J 630 Dum
ISBN: 1-56846-169-0
Cost: $0

The most noticeable trait of this book is the size. Roughly 18"x11", this book is quite large. And it doesn't read in the normal "portrait" view, it's read in "landscape" which makes it quite awkward at times.

Inside is some lovely artwork about a farm, mainly based on a farm in England, Dumas does a great job of showing not only his sketches, but also his coloring skills. At times I was reminded of the cross-section books that were so popular years ago.


Anonymous said...

So is it an illustrated guide to stuff/life on a farm? Or is it an actual story?

Either way, the watercolors look nicely done. Consider me jealous.

TK42ONE said...

A little of both. While clearly a kids book, it gives a bit of insight into a small European farm. Nothing too detailed and nothing too fancy in the story, just basic descriptions of what things are and how they work. And yes, the artwork is stunning.

cinda1212 said...

that SO looks like a book for me.

And, it's not 'coloring' - it's rendering (when talking about architectural drawing) or illustrating. GEEZ. :)

you know i like any book with floor plans! I suppose I ought to get my kids to the library (especially now that I'm without a nanny!).

TK42ONE said...

By "coloring" I meant colors. As in his use of red or blue or the combination of both, etc., etc. As to the difference between coloring, rendering, inking, and such, not really a big deal to me (and I'm sure some of us non-artistic, non-professional types feel the same way). It either looks nice or it doesn't. This one looks nice.