Thursday, January 1, 2009

Combat and Survival - Volume 1

Title: Combat and Survival (Volume 1)
Author: H. S. Stuttman, Inc. Publishers
Illustrator: N/A
Pages: 64
Genre: Non-Fiction
Dewey Decimal: 355.5 Com
ISBN: 0-87475-560-3
Cost: $0

This multi-volume set still impresses me after all these years. I still, very distinctly, remember seeing these for the first time when I was in either middle or high school. The memory is so distinct, I could remember exactly what aisle they were in. Much to my initial disappointment, they were no longer there when I recently checked for them. However, after going to the next aisle over, I was overjoyed by finding them again.

This is the first volume in the series. Inside you can find drawings, schematics, and photos for various things (like the length required for an airplane to take off or how to defend yourself in combat).

And while some of it is clearly dated (originally published in the early 1990s), there is a certain sense of nostalgia when I go back and look at these. Look for more to come in the future as I cover all of the volumes in the series.

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